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Increase productivity and profits with Jet Virtual Consults. Manage your entire virtual practice from a single app that your providers, staff, and patients will love. Stop paying for multiple services to do everything our app can do for a tiny fraction of the price.

Our all-in-one solution helps you manage scheduling, patient reminders, secure text messages, your waiting room with geolocation, fill out forms, collect signatures and track informed consent requirements with a self-guidance intake workflow.

Practice Benefits

Jet Virtual Consults has helped practices increase productivity and profits by up to 20%.

  • Send on-demand and secure text messages to patients
  • Automate review collection at the end of each consultation
  • Increase patient review collection by up to 40%
  • No room turn over and save $50 on average
  • Triage and privately video chat with patients
  • Manage your waiting room with built-in geolocation
  • Verify patient compliance with informed consent videos
  • Leverage a guided intake workflow that hold patients’ hands to get ready for their consults by allowing them to submit intake forms, radiographs, HIPAA, financial, and proof of insurance.

Staff Benefits

The staff benefit by using Teledentistry because they can communicate better and more efficiently with patients. It saves them time and make them more productive. This can translate into working less hours per day. Staff can review all patient paperwork in a centralized location as PDF files. No need to scan or print documents. Jet Virtual Consults helps to reduce stress and pressure on medical teams.

Patient Benefits

  • No travel to the office
  • Save time and fill out paperwork at home with all meds, allergies
  • Submit pictures of insurance cards before the appointment for more accurate financial estimates
  • Less stress for patients if the office runs because they get to do other activities until the doctor is ready to see them
  • Some older patients resist at first but are very pleased once they try

What Are Patients Saying About Jet Virtual Consults?


"Worked great. Thanks!"

Maluvia Haseltine


"Easy for my first ever video call"



"The app was very easy to navigate once I downloaded it. Videos very helpful."

Shari Green


"What a fantastic way to see your surgeon. Very easy to figure out, and I never even left my bed. Lol I wish I could see all of my doctors like this. Thank you"

Ellie Fields

Boost Your Bottom Line

  • Increase production by up to 15% when you follow protocol
  • Boost your bottom line by 150k for practices that bill 1 million per year
  • Enjoy up to 80% higher margins when you leverage virtual as opposed to in-person consults.
  • Work 10 years but earn the equivalent of 11.5 years
  • Make an extra 1.5 million dollars over 10 years

1.2 Million Reasons To Get Started Today!

Jet Virtual Consults Works On iOS, Android Smartphones, And Tablets

The Jet Virtual Consult’s app is available on the App and Google Play stores. It is available for free to all patients. Patients can only use it as long as they have been previously invited by the practice or practices where they intend to receive telehealth services.

Sign Up With Confidence Knowing You Are Backed By Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that our app is going to positively transform your business. For this, we are offering you a full 30-day money-back guarantee from the moment you sign up with a paid license.

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